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I got that comic con, comic con sadness

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Because as much as Caroline and Klaus clearly love each other, the fans love them even more. — (via nobloodywinds)

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*feels accomplished after voting for Klaroline Awards*

Backstage at Latin Quarter, photographed by Gordon Parks

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Look, I haven’t learned how to forget you yet. There is a mark on my bottom lip that is the exact shape of your primary incisor. When I undress your fingerprints are on me like a crime scene. They say I was here. I belonged on these hips.

And I think ‘God, yes, yes he was and yes he did.’


“Caroline,” he whispers, right in her ear, and now his cheek lifts itself just slightly away from hers, and she feels his fingers reach in to take its place, and, God, how carefully he touches her- has she ever been touched like this before-(x)

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